Spartanburg Senior Moments Track Club

Joe Williamson, Berdie Gianfortune, and Ed Wilde- combined age 272 years young!

Joe Williamson, Berdie Gianfortune, and Ed Wilde- combined age 272 years young!



Here’s proof that that our own Nonie Hudnall exists!  Sixty-two year old Nonie is the most celebrated member of the Spartanburg Senior Moments Track Club!  She has competed locally, regionally, and nationally, taking 4th place at the 2011 National Senior Games in Houston with a 400M sprint of 86 seconds.  She also placed 8th in the Long Jump. Fearless, Nonie has competed regionally (and won hundreds of first place medals) in everything from the pole vault to the marathon and last year had her best distance running year ever, winning the statewide competition in the Palmetto Grand Prix for runners 40 and over!  Her many 25 minute  5K races place her among the elite in her age group.  She is one of three Senior Moment Track Club members who has qualified for the Nationals this summer in Cleveland (Ed Wilde and Doug Allen are the others) where she has signed up to compete in six events, the 400M, 800M, 1500M, long jump, triple jump, and discus.



What’s wilder than some pretty old grownups keeping fit by running, race walking, throwing, and/or jumping?  How about not being able to remember the name of our club and fellow athletes.  Well, now you understand our name which was suggested by ah, old what’s her name.  Oh, Nonie Hudnall.

Does any other track club in the world have two 95 year old athletes and a 72 year old coach? We offer seniors 50 years old and older to join us in training for the Senior Olympics or just to stay fit by walking on the track with others in a safe environment.

We plan to meet for practice one weekday morning a week (calendar coming soon).

Above is a photograph of our oldest 3 members, 95 year old Joe Williamsom, soon-to-be 96 year old Berdie Gianfortune, and 82 year old Ed Wilde.  Below are some pictures which include 72 year old coach Doug Allen.  Berdie bought me the cap!  Of course, we have younger members, too, and we welcome anyone of any age to walk or run on the track with us, but the field event training is for those, 50 and over, who become club members by buying a club tee shirt and are training to compete in the Senior Games.

The pictures were taken by club  photographer Rosemary Kramer.  Our practice sessions alternate between  the Spartanburg Deaf and Blind School track and the Inman track on the Asheville highway. We will be starting our third year of Senior Moment track and field practice on Friday, February 22, if the weather cooperates.

Our athletes have competed in dominated the April regional Greenvile Senior Games, the May South Carolina Senior Games as well as Georgia Golden Olympics, the Florida International Senior Games, and the National Senior Games as well as other regional track and road race events. We’ve won hundreds of medals! Hint!  In most age groups there is little competition, meaning we often find ourselves sorta big fish in a small pond!

The several of us who competed the past two years medalled in the following senior games sports: shot put, discus, javelin, standing long jump, running long jump, high jump, pole vault, 50M, 100M, and 200M sprint, 400M, 800M, 1500M and mile run, 1500M race walk, 5K race walk, soft ball throw, spin casting, and the one mile, 5K, and 10K bicycle time trials. Several of us will add another senior games events, disc golf, to the list, and one will add the senior games 5K at the Nationals in Cleveland this summer.

Coach Allen has coached cross country and track and field in high school and college and competed in distance running (48 marathons) and cross country skiing (NYS age group champion), but we all learn from each other, from track and field videos, and, hopefully this year, from visiting coaches since Coach Allen’s coaching experience of mostly distance running and cross country skiing.

Doug Allenlast practice-coach 087 last practice- 088 last practice-1

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