Here comes the wildlife photography…

Nature photography, citizen science, birding, butterflying, and moth-ing, both here in Upstate South Carolina and elsewhere, will be celebrated in photography and prose on this site. The author has been a nature freak and a weather wonk since childhood, a conservationist, environmental educator, and photographer since his late 20′s and now, three score and twelve, is (with great difficulty!) learning how to use photo sharing software sites, choose web hosting, and create blogs. As a start, here is some of my wildlife photography-

COSTCO 113-002

SPIDERS Texas- SPI LANWR and Resaca de Palma Admirals, Emperors, SatyrsThe above collages are poor resolution becauseĀ I haven’t figured out yet how to upload large filesĀ  The same collages (and many other wildlife pictures) can be see in higher resolution at my Flickr photo sharing site-